About Us


I’m Ashley- The creator of Green and Serene Boutique. The name Green and Serene was born from inspiration of the color Green which represents growth and new beginnings. I certainly embraced the idea of a “fresh start” when I explained to my friends and family that I was going to leave the practice of Law in order to start my own business and open a women’s clothing store. I wanted to create a Serene shopping oasis that would exemplify the true meaning of being at peace with who you are and not being afraid of change. It’s been a dream to create a beautiful store complete with the experience of personal styling of hand selected goods from around the world. I’m passionate about finding new and exciting brands, ambitious entrepreneurs with stories to tell, and innovative new trends in fashion. The name “Green and Serene” was born and I turned my passion and love for entrepreneurship and creativity into a women’s clothing boutique!

Curating a unique shopping experience for women comes from my some of my fondest memories as a young girl shopping with my Grandma, Mom, and Sister. Growing up in Ohio there wasn’t a huge selection in our hometown so we would drive over an hour to go to the mall to search for the latest trends or search for boutiques that had the best prom dresses. I opened the doors to our store on Las Olas Blvd. In May of 2020 in hopes that other memories would be build around the experience of shopping with family and friends. Since then, my Mom and I have been busy searching and hand selecting quality items that are exciting and new for our customers. We find amazing pieces anywhere from locally made goods to items that are inspired and made from countries all over the world.

I’m proud to say that my hopes and dreams for the store have come true thanks to the tremendous love and support that I have received from my family, friends, and of course our customers who we continue to meet every day! Green and Serene has become a place where women can empower the community by holding charitable “shop for a cause” events, host new or local small brands, and continuously build each other up through endless collaboration opportunities.

Whether you are a young innovator with your own brand in fashion, a hard working ambitious business woman who would like to collab, a young professional who just moved to south Florida, or simply a tourist strolling up and down the blvd. - we would love to meet you and share the experience of shopping for your newest look! It’s my true belief that it is never too late to reinvent yourself or find the best version of who you can be in this world … and sometimes it all starts with the perfect outfit!