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Sativa Lotion 7oz
Sativa Lotion 7oz

Sativa Lotion 7oz

Unveil Your Inner Glow:

Goddess-Approved After-Sun Lotion

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Part of our Summer Sale! Also Available in Travel Size.

Awaken your inner goddess with our Rose Sativa Lotion! 

The story of how our Rose Sativa Lotion was created starts with Wendy Osty, the founder of Osty Skincare, and her family recipe for herbally preserving natural skincare products. We collaborated with Osty Skincare because of Wendy's true passion for creating clean skincare that is effective and safe to use .

Our goal was to create a lotion that was so rich and luxurious and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth all day. We formulated our recipe using a completely natural and herbal preservative that was passed down through generations to Wendy by her family.  Together, we are proud to say that we have created the perfect botanical combination for glowing goddess skin. 

We sourced the finest rose water from Bulgaria and combined it with Sativa for the ultimate calming and soothing ingredients for your skin.

Why Sativa? Cannabis sativa is an annual herbaceous flowering plant indigenous to Eastern Asia proven to have multiple benefits when used in skincare: 

  • Visibly Reduce Blemishes and Oiliness
  • Strengthen Skin’s Natural Moisture Barrier
  • Minimize The Appearance Of Redness

This product is vegan and does not include any perfumes. 

Try our Rose Sativa Lotion and apply all over your body every morning. 

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